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I am a scientiest in the numerical methods group at the Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics, doing research at the intersection of numerical analysis, differential geometry and mathematical physics.
My work concerns the development of structure-preserving discretisation methods for problems from fluid dynamics and plasma physics. The guiding principle is to take advantage of geometric properties of the equations in order to derive accurate and robust numerical schemes. The resulting geometric integrators often represent the underlying physics more realistically than standard methods in addition to exhibiting good stability properties.

Michael Kraus

Michael Kraus

Michael Kraus


August 27, 2020 Software: GeometricIntegrators.jl v0.4.0
July 13, 2020 Publication: Variational integrators for stochastic dissipative Hamiltonian systems
February 14, 2020 Software: ElectromagneticFields.jl v0.3.0
December 13, 2019 Publication: A discrete Nambu bracket for 2D extended Magnetohydrodynamics
October 14, 2019 Preprint: Symplectic model reduction for the Vlasov equation
November 23, 2018 Publication: Relaxation to magnetohydrodynamics equilibria via collision brackets
August 9, 2018 Publication: Variational Integrators for Inertial Magnetohydrodynamics (Editor's Pick)
July 20, 2018 Grant: Geometric Methods for Kinetic Equations (GEMKIN) through International Graduate School of Science and Engineering of TUM

Upcoming Events

June 15-24, 2020,
Vancouver, Canada
Foundations of Computational Mathematics (FoCM 2020)
June 5-9, 2020,
Atlanta, USA
AIMS Conference on Dynamical Systems, Differential Equations and Applications
February 17-18, 2020,
Princeton, USA
Structure-preserving Geometric Discretization of Physical Systems

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